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caitlin anderson

Hi my loves! I'm so so HAPPY to be selling on my very own website!! Thank you to everyone who is visiting my shop and taking the time to read this. I just want to do a little intro about me and how the behind the scenes process works! When you purchase and receive your goodies they're all handmade my ME! My two hands make and do everything you see. Ordering fabric, cutting, sewing, assembling, packaging, shipping, customer service, running my IG (@lovejaderuby) photographing, editing, the list goes on and on! Phew! That's a busy day! And let me tell you, I LOVE EVERY CRAZY MOMENT OF IT! I have three little's who run around me as I work and I love the mix of business and family! So please know that a mama's love goes into everything you see. You are supporting a REAL family when you shop LoveJadeRuby and we are FOREVER thankful! 

P e a c e  &  l o v e  



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  • Hello and I am so glad Yu now have your website must be really exciting I bought a few grab bags from Yu and now I’ll be able to try them on since my baby was just born a month a go .. I’m so excited for Yu:D. Now are Yu still going to be selling the solid color? I haven’t seen them on there ?

    Over all great work I love them !!!

    Yvette Almanza

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